28.12.22 12:00 AM

The new web-site GN tech - equipment production!

We would like to present you new web-site GN tech company!
Please go there 

16.11.22 12:00 AM

Who is the fastest person from us?

The GN electronics team decided to find out - Who is the fastest person from us? And arrange the event - carting competition! Read more >>

09.09.22 12:00 AM

GN tech on the "Microelectronics 2022"

In the period from October 2-6, 2022, GN tech will take part in the Russian forum "Microelectronics 2022". Read more >>

21.06.22 12:00 AM

Would you like to be Sherlok?

Would you like to be Sherlok? Yes! Our team "GN electronics" participates in the Detective-Quest.  Read more >>

01.05.22 12:00 AM

Article: Development of Plasma Processing Systems

Our new article: Development of Plasma Processing Systems for Optics and Electronics Products in Photonics "Technology and technological equipment" №2, 2022


15.04.22 12:00 AM

GN electronics on the ExpoElectronica-2022

The 14th April has wrapped up the annual international exhibition ExpoElectronica 2022. GN electronics has participated in this event.


04.04.22 12:00 AM

GN tech on the Photonics 2022 exhibition

GN electronics team on the exhibition Photonics 2022. This is the biggest exhibition of lasers, optical systems in Russia! Read more >>

17.03.22 12:00 AM

GN electronics on the ExpoElectronica 2022

In the period from April 12 to 14, 2022 year, GN Electronics will take part in the international exhibition of electronic components, modules and components Expo Electronica 2022. Read more >>

28.02.22 12:00 AM

Cooking battle

This time our team-building was held in the format of a culinary duel! Read more >>

24.03.22 12:00 AM

Vacuum substrates made of aluminum oxide ceramics

Vacuum-tight substrates made of aluminum oxide ceramics. VK100, VK96, VK94, polycor, sapphire, sapphirite. Comparison, interchangeability, key differences Read more >>

28.02.22 12:00 AM

Article: "Plasma etching of Al and Cu oxides"


19.10.21 1:00 AM

Happy New Year 2022!

Dear colleagues, partners and visitors of our site! The GN electronics team is in a hurry to wish you a Happy New Year! May the new year bring only positive changes, promote scaling success and bring prosperity! Read more >>

19.10.21 12:00 AM

Meet - MPC unit in a new design!

"Look at the plasma from a different angle..." Everything should be beautiful. Including the equipment with which technology and operators work on a daily basis. Especially if behind the beauty there is also high manufacturability, new functions and individual development. Read more >>

19.10.21 12:00 AM

We are SKOLKOVO Residents!

Our new achievement - we are residents of Skolkovo. 5 out of 5 committee members approved our project! Read more >>

19.10.21 1:00 AM

And we are resting!

This section applies to the life of our company! Despite the autumn, we are actively recharging our energy at the next team-building! This time we arranged quad bike races through the autumn forest. Read more >>

21.01.22 12:00 AM

Al2O3 - overview

The article discusses: the origin of the name and various compositions of aluminum oxide, the production technology of this ceramics, as well as the prospects for its use. Read more >>

19.10.21 12:00 AM

GN Electronics Scholarship

The highlight of 2019 was the All-Russian exhibition "Polytechnic 2019". Developers of the best projects in the field of microelectronics were awarded with company diplomas and special scholarships from GN electronics. Read more >>

19.10.21 12:00 AM

Exhibition Expoelectronics 2019

The largest exhibition of components for microelectronics in Russia took place last week! We were very happy to welcome guests at our booth! Read more >>

19.10.21 12:59 AM

Ceramics from BeO - is it dangerous? Let's figure it out.

The article considers such aspects as: obtaining, properties of beryllium oxide. Precautions when working with it and some unusual prospects for use are considered. Read more >>
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