Volumetric ceramics

Bulk ceramic products such as tubes, bushings, cylinders, etc. are an integral part of electronic devices such as thermostats, fittings, sodium lamps, cermet filters, plain bearings, cutting and casting fixtures. They can be used as electrical insulators, heat insulators, compensators, shields, etc. GN Electronics offers product development according to customer requirements. In the case of further installation, there is the possibility of applying metallization. The most used metallization for vacuum-tight mounting of similar products:

  • Ceramics – Mo/Mn metallization – deposited Ni layer;
  • Ceramics - Mo/Mn metallization – deposited Ag layer;
  • Ceramics – Mo/Mn metallization – deposited Au layer;
  • Ceramics – Ag plating.

Main specifications

Please see the main characteristics are shown in the relevant sections