Floor-type plasma equipment

Floor-type plasma equipment

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Floor-mounted plasma installations are designed for small-scale, large-scale, mass production. The installations in the basic version are equipped with a touch screen and programmable software with the ability to write technological processes. To save and transfer data on the execution of the technological process, the installation is equipped with a USB input.

Plasma processing units are developed by GN electronics (GNtech) and consist of 90% of the Russian element base. Typical characteristics of the serially supplied equipment are indicated in the table.

It is possible to operate the equipment under the customer's technical specifications.


For detailed specifications, please contact our specialists

Application area

  • etching/plasma decapping of oxidized metallization layers;
  • etching of thin films;
  • cleaning of organic pollutants;
  • cleaning of heat-dependent elements (e.g. films, plastic products);
  • removal of residues of previous samples from substrates and slides;
  • reducing the roughness of the subject bases;
  • removal of photoresist, etc.

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