Solutions development

uwgbt9jlg8o1e8a6hwipn3kvkkpl1um7 копия.pngWe will help you realize your ideas! Entrust the development to us. Our team consists of specialized specialists, candidates of technical sciences, professional designers, developers and technologists with extensive practical experience. We are always open to interaction. 

How it works? 

  • You simply send us your request with a description;  
  • Then, our employee contacts you for an initial discussion;
  • Next, we assemble the project team and arrange a meeting with you for a more detailed discussion;
  • After that, we prepare a proposal for the implementation of the task for you. 

What tasks do we solve?

We specialize in:

  • development as separate technological stages (chemical, galvanic, vacuum processes, assembly processes, product processing processes);
  • development of integral technologies aimed at creating final products;
  • development of vacuum process equipment (installations for cleaning, spraying, pickling, etc.);

We look forward to our interaction!